Artisan Jewellery

If fashion is a statement of how we want to present ourselves to the world, handmade jewellery has the potential to be the most expressive piece of this puzzle.

Minimalistic jewellery can give an elegant air while statement earrings can bring out the bohemian look, and stud earrings exude the rocker vibe.

So which side of yourself do you feel like exploring today? Not sure? Need a little guidance as you plan outfits for your upcoming week or a special-occasion day?

We’ve handpicked 3 handcrafted jewellery brands from the land of smiles — Thailand, for their unique jewellery designs in shapes, textures, and use of materials. Read up for some sparks of inspiration for your next artfully-accessorised outfit!

Everyday Accessories by LITEN

Everyday Accessories by LITEN

This accessory brand, based in Bangkok, has had a loyal following since its first launch, and it’s easy to see why.

Their signature look is simple, refined and classy—and yet so easy to pair with everyday office attire or a dressy party outfit. LITEN’s love of beautiful forms and shapes are visible throughout their collection.

Wave Earrings (Rhodium)

Quiet shapes yet a bold earring design that provide you with an accessory that will be used and loved for years to come.

Handmade with brass and rhodium.

Flat Necklace Pink Gold

Brass and gold-plated, 100 percent handmade.

A piece that can make you look and feel 10 percent more stylish on any given day is one worth obtaining.  

La Jewelry

Drawing inspiration from the elegance of light hitting water and the resulting rainbow-effect, these pieces of jewellery are for those of us who crave novelty.

But La Jewelry makes avante garde easy to wear with creations that can even be worn to the office or formal events.

Small Dew Drop Earrings

One of their most popular and inspired creations are these drop earrings, made with purified water contained in the orb, and 925 silver and glass. Combined, it evokes dew drops after the rain.

Royal Droplet Necklace

This hand-blown glass droplet necklace is for those days when you need cool elegance to help you through a too-long social event and you need to look classy plus have an extra conversation starter at the ready.

Rock Me Jewelry

Making waves since 2014, this little accessory brand boasts a collection that is entirely handmade.

Using rough-hewn, bold-coloured semi-precious stones set in chunky and delicate settings and styles, Rock Me Jewelry is whimsy you can wear daily. A combination that is a rare treat.

Lunar Pendant - Carnelian (Gold)

Here is a brass, gold plated necklace set with Carnelian Rough Stone that provides a subtle point of interest to any outfit. Great if you’re looking for jewellery for your girlfriend or a gift for yourself.

Earth Earrings (Rose Gold)

Gemstone earrings that will catch your friends’ eyes. Set in a brass and rose gold plated setting with Neon Apatite & Pink Tourmaline Rough Stones.

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