6 Types of Bags for Women for Every Special Occasion

Having a core line-up of designer bags that will serve any and every occasion life has planned for you might seem like an unachievable wardrobe goal. But it doesn’t have to be.

Want to build a fail-proof bag collection? First, learn about the classic types of women bags that you might need on any given day. This will help you spot the types of bags you need for future occasions, as well as prevent you from doubling up on the same bag type.

Here we take look at some of the long-time and essential all-stars in the bags for women universe.

The structured bag

The bag you take with you to work should be as hardworking as you are, fitting work files if needed, a small laptop, your midday makeup kit, and whatever else will get you through your day job.

Choose a colour that goes well with any of your workwear or office clothes. Keep in mind, the structure of ladies handbags should hold its shape on its own so that items inside are well protected.

The crossbody

The crossbody bag is the choice for any adventure-filled day as it allows you to go hands-free. Shop, take pictures, eat, all while keeping your bag firmly by your side.

Choose a non-mainstream crossbody bag from independent fashion designers because fashion should be fun and your day off is the perfect time to wear something a little more attention-getting than on weekdays.

The shopping tote

The shopping tote is roomy enough to allow you to fill it up with groceries picked up after work, or your weekend shopping finds and can even double as a beach bag.

Look for a bag that folds down so that it can fit in your crossbody bag or your work bag. Something simple yet everlasting to keep your essentials.

The wristlet

For those times when you’re having brunch with the girls, or a daytime date with a friend, and all you need is your phone, your credit card, and your lipstick.

Small does not have to mean boring. Experiment with playful patterns, fabric, colours and even materials to complete your fun day out.

The evening clutch

For a night out with your crew or a long-anticipated dinner date, evening bags should complement your little black dress, and should not overpower what you are wearing.

Look for an evening clutch that is simple, elegant, and timeless to effortlessly complete any date night outfit or formal event wear.

The backpack

The backpack can pull double or even triple duty for bringing more things to work than usual, carrying coursebooks for classes, accompanying you to the gym, or holding an overnight change of clothes for that weekend away.

Choose a backpack in a neutral shade to go with a wide range of outfits and styles.

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