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Saying hello since 2018.

The Sift & Pick marketplace is built around the concept of letting you discover brands and products that are original, of uncompromising quality and most importantly—simply delightful.

Built by shoppers, for the shoppers.

Just like you, we are lovers of good shopping. Remember your last adventure of walking down unfamiliar streets and discovering unique shops, walking in and chancing upon something unforgettable? We knew there had to be a better way to experience shopping in the crowded online marketplace, so say hello to our kind of commerce: where you’ll find new discoveries, lasting relationships and real product value.


We sift, you pick.

Just like our name, we take pride in how and what we curate. From sourcing to selection to onboarding, we walk the globe to find good brands and products of quality and taste.

In here, you will find under-the-radar brands that are deserving of the limelight, brands that value individuality, unique designs produced in small scale by indie designers—all handpicked for you to find something delightful to bring home.


Rich with history, culture and delicious food, Korea is also one vibrant country packed with amazing shopping. Streets full of hip retail shops for the young and trendy, luxury fashion labels for the brand-conscious, and small, unique designer boutiques for the craft lovers and adventurers. The only question we have is where to start?

So we work closely with local independent designers and unique brands to bring the beauty of Korea home to you.


Thailand today is home to the start of many creative and design movements in Asia, including pop-up flea markets, creative retail and F&B spaces, and indie designers specialising in street fashion, handicrafts, vintage fashion and many more.

Intricate details made meticulously by hand. Elaborate designs expressing the artist’s individuality. Watch as we handpick the gems from Thailand’s next-generation craftsmen and designers just for you.

Hello from Sift & Pick


Our shopping knows no limits. That is why we’re always on the lookout for something fresh and extraordinary to make it special each time you visit. We hope to bring you undiscovered brands and designers globally, and ship what you love right to your doorstep.

It’s a big world out there and we’re just starting out. Know something delightful that deserves more love? Drop us a message below and we’ll see if we can help with the sifting!