Ask your parents or grandparents what type of bags they had while growing up and chances are, you’re going to hear the word “canvas” for sure. The versatile material is a fashion anchor that has withstood the test of time; while it may fade into the background every once in a while, it always inevitably finds its way back into the spotlight due to its pliability, sturdiness and ease of blending into any style imaginable.

Not convinced yet? Travel might have taken a backseat during this period, but join us on this trip around the sartorial world at home with our curated collection of international brands and their offerings of timeless canvas arm candies!


Hailing from the Garden City of Asia, is Haliet. Designed to be purposeful and timeless, each piece keeps in mind the needs of modern women and their lifestyles. Portraying quiet strength and standing out with bold textures, the Haliet bag is a great fit for the contemporary lifestyle of any cosmopolitan woman who desires both style and function in one bag.

Take a look at the canvas bags from this homegrown brand – Yu & Lana:


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If you’re a self-confessed K-pop fan and find yourself drawn towards MARHEN.J’s aesthetic designs, you’ve a good eye! The designers behind the Korean label used to art direct for popular K-pop artistes like Girls’ Generation, Twice, TVXQ, Wonder Girls and more.

Complementing an assortment of colours, materials and patterns, these designers bring the creative concepts of K-pop that are usually admired on screen only, right into your hands through the MARHEN.J bag. Check out their new drops – Garden & River series here!

Add that K-pop factor into your style game with these trendy canvas bags: Rico V2, Rico Mini & Roy Mini series.

Personalise your bags by adding a Signature F Strap , Heart Wappen or a Tinny Pouch to compartmentalise your knick-knacks! Did we mention that all these items are also made of 100% canvas?

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Flaunt your love for colour with this South Korean brand, which prides itself on showcasing ‘COLOR FOR LIFE’ through modern and minimalistic designs.


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Not one to miss out on the canvas bag trends, FIBRENO released their signature Mini Bag designs in neutral, warm hues such as Mulberry Purple & Deep Blue – ever ready to elevate any outfit!


We know we’re showing a lot of love to the canvas material here, but this can’t be compared to South Korean label – THE SLOWING LOT – a brand that specialises in canvas bags only!

Marvel at both their quality stitching and minimalist designs which show off the material’s natural texture and versatility. Explore their myriad of canvas creations with totes, shoulder bags or satchels! Check out their Take 08 & Take 09 series.


Who would have thought to associate bags with a daily staple such as bread? CONFEITO’s Bread Canvas Bag Series is one that allows you to bag your daily necessities, perfect for casual outfits. CONFEITO handcrafts artisanal leather goods to portray quirky and colourful details in their works, hoping to add a sweet note to your daily life! Check out their sophisticated canvas assortments of all shapes and sizes for your needs – from shopping, dates to work!


Bored of the usual angular shape that comes with canvas bags? Enter RAWROW – a Korean label aimed at the modern day explorer, to provide that element of design with functionality for those moments of discovery.

RAWROW’s latest canvas addition to its bag repertoire – the Clover Tote & Park Pack Folding Tote series is sure to make others turn heads with their unique cylindrical and handy designs, in eye-catching colours.


Offering a more lighthearted version of a canvas bag reminiscent of younger days would be Tuo’s Mily ToteMery Cross Bag and Korinko Cross Bag – classic bags with feminine touches of pastel colours and woven patterns. Proudly made in Korea, these bags also has a coating to ensure resistance against humidity and staining – pleasing to the eye AND easy to maintain, a big win for us!


If you want a show-stopping canvas piece that makes your entire outfit pop with bright or exuberant colours, look no further than CHRISTINE PROJECT with its Sparkling Style Bag Canvas series. Crafted in a unique bucket bag shape, the Sparkling Style Bag features complementing duo tones and an additional pouch to organise your knick-knacks!

Yasar bag

From the land of smiles, Yasar bag is an independent alternative leather goods brand based in Bangkok. Each of their items are painstakingly handmade with handpicked high-quality materials, ensuring that each product is unique and original. Recognising the evergreen status of the canvas material too, Yasar incorporated leather with it in their Yasmine Softly Structured Leather Canvas Bags – a multi-carry bag that comes with an adjustable strap, and in 5 shades – Khaki Green, Off White, Black, Dusty Pink and Navy Blue .

Designed for daily use, this bag can be worn cross-body, on the shoulder or carried by its top handles. The bag is water-resistant with anti-rust hardware and features genuine leather accents on the strap, handles and designs.


A new designer brand from Taiwan, Ma’pin established their brand to present itself as a gift. Whether it is to cheer people up, to send best wishes or just to commemorate an event, why not send a Ma’pin bag as a daily reminder of it as it finds its way to be your daily essential bag.

Check out its unique handmade canvas bags that feature hardware such as Light Tote Ring Bag with stainless steel handles or Light Tote Button Bag with their hand printed logos:

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