Create Stunning Looks with These Fall 2018 Makeup Trends

Just because it’s summer all year round in Singapore doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the change of seasons with a brand new makeup look.

Autumn is upon us once again, bringing with it pumpkin spice lattes, reddish hues, Halloween parties and gorgeous makeup looks. So here today, let’s check out a few beautiful Korean and Japanese makeup looks that are trending this fall, accompanied by makeup tutorials to help spice up your beauty routines!

#SingleTone Eyeshadow

Single colour eyeshadow looks are particularly suitable for East Asian eye shapes, as we are often blessed to be mono-lidded or hooded with shallow eye creases. Apply eyeshadow in the colour of your choice directly above your lash line, and blend it upwards to create a natural, fade-out effect.

Watch how Korean YouTuber ssin demonstrates the way to accomplish this single-colour eyeshadow look in her baby pink makeup tutorial, where she creates an entire look based around the hot colour pink.

For a more autumn-ish look, choose an eyeshadow in season-appropriate colours like shades of brown, orange, or red, as demonstrated by amazing Japanese beauty queen Fukuse Yuri.

With over 530,000 followers on her YouTube channel, you can’t go wrong with her tips. Pair it with a reddish-brown lip from 3CE like she does and your fall look will be perfect to go!


Most East Asian like us are blessed with eyes that are not deep set. (It keeps us looking young!) But fret not, for using the right makeup and the right know-how, you can fake a natural looking deep crease that would instantly make your eyes look stunningly mesmerising.

The key to creating the illusion of a deep-set crease is to select the right eye products to create a sharp enough contrast when applied together. Apply a darker eyeshadow colour all over your lid, and fake a crease by applying concealer or a light coloured liquid shadow over the bottom part of your eyelids up to where the crease should be.

Creating a cut crease look can be tricky at first, but Fukuse Yuri demonstrates her sharpened skills effortlessly in her cut crease makeup tutorial in which she creates a burgundy-pink, autumn-appropriate look.

A must-have makeup item from Korea: you can easily achieve that 2-tone colour look to add depth to your beautiful eyes with the Eye Magazine eyeshadow by 16brand. A quick one-step makeup for those who’s always running out of time in the early work mornings.


While the usual Korean and Japanese makeup looks we love often feature more muted, girly lip colours, it’s a good time to experiment and go bold this autumn with stronger, darker reddish-brown hues.

If you think a dark, opaque lip is too intense and intimidating for you, watch this PONY’s makeup tutorial showing different ways of wearing a reddish-brown lipstick and you’ll be sure to change your mind.

Learn how to make your lips the focus of your whole makeup look with Risabae’s makeup tutorial where she pairs an intense dark lip with simple eye makeup to create a well-balanced overall look.


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