Your Daily Tote Bag Can be Both Eco-friendly & Stylish

Earth Hour 2019 - Singapore’s Largest Festival for Nature

March 29 – 31, 2019 is when Singapore celebrates the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment – Earth Hour 2019. And it seems the perfect time to reflect on how our daily habits can help to preserve the earth and make it a healthier, better place for all of us here.

One daily action that has huge ramifications is to simply replace the use of plastic bags with a tote bag to carry your groceries. Not only that but using a canvas tote bag or any other type of everyday tote bags for your shopping can influence your friends to adopt more environmentally good habits.

So, today we’ve rounded up all the brands that could help with your new commitment to go green!

This South Korean brand has loveable options for choosing eco bags for any type of individual. 

But our choice would have to be their Moana Eco Bag Khaki that can be worn cross-body or over one shoulder. It’s roomy enough to hold Sunday purchases or your quick grocery haul for tonight’s dinner.

A Thai fashion bag brand, dedicated to creativity and finding joy in the simple shapes of everyday objects. This is another brand that has created a tote bag that can be used as your eco tote with a minimalist flair. 

Our pick from their line-up has to be their YASAR signature tote bag, which was designed to sit beautifully when carried over your shoulder. Simple yet so chic for everyday use.

BAAN Brown

For cotton canvas bags that are unisex, look to BAAN BROWN. We particularly like the use of graphics that make this tote bag a fun one to use when you want to spice up your weekend jeans and white T-shirt.


This cross-cultural collab brand between New York and Seoul, where the 2 founders are based, shows in products with a decidedly modern feel. Their line-up of eco canvas bags are classic in shape and beautiful in simplicity. 

Particularly of note is their Baguette Shoulder Bag M. Picture yourself tossing in that baguette, a slice of cheese, and a bottle of wine. It all fits.


Committed to ethically produced fashion through providing girls in Senegal an avenue to become economically independent, this eco bag brand uses bright prints and bold colours to create a lively contrast to what anyone else has over their shoulder.

You’ll set yourself apart from the crowd with any of these creations. We think this one is just perfect for shopping forays: Drawstring Shoulder Tote Bag – Blue Bird.


A South Korean brand that upcycles discarded leather products to create the ultimate in leather eco bags on the market.

Our choice is the A2.5 Nemo Bag Basic – Mustard, made of garment leather to be lighter than other types of leather bags.

The leather look also gives this bag a wider range of use, which means it can be used for daily shopping but also for a quick run to the office, too.

A final note: Environmentally-conscious shoppers have proven over the years that their shopping habits can shape big box company’s decisions.

Come celebrate Earth Day with us by committing to using eco-friendly bags for shopping. While you’re at it, share the love and get your friends on board too!


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