Do you avidly watch every new Disney feature that comes out? Perhaps you’re just a little obsessed with Tsum Tsum — both playing the game and collecting each adorable Disney character? Or just saving up for a long-overdue overseas trip to Disneyland?

For all our die-hard Disney fans — here’s news that will make your day: Taiwan’s famous Disney bag brand, GRACE GIFT, has finally landed here at Sift & Pick!

This enterprising brand founded in 2013 creates bags for women, fashionable shoe wear, plus a variety of cute home and living products.

But what they’re undoubtedly best known for is their Disney bag collection of charmingly nostalgic women bags that feature all your favourite Disney friends.

The GRACE GIFT store in Taiwan is a dream destination come true for die-hard Disney lovers.

Let’s round up the cutes from GRACE GIFT Singapore and the collections that have turned our heads and tugged at our hearts…

Tsum Tsum Collection

The Tsum Tsum Disney collaboration with GRACE GIFT has resulted in products that feature all the things we love best about Disney-themed merchandise.

A nostalgic look back at sweeter, simpler times—when our worries and fears were limited to Disney villains.

Of course, there’s a lot more to recommend for these adorable goods, including their reasonable prices and light-weight construction.

Tsum Tsum Shoulder Strap 2 Way Bag

For when you need to cheer yourself up, grab this GRACE GIFT Dumbo bag as your companion for the day.

The Tsum Tsum character charm will have you smiling at each glance, and the bold colourful striped shoulder strap will raise your energy levels and help perk up your mood and your outfit.

Tsum Tsum Clear Pocket Card Holder Backpack

One of the best things about the Tsum Tsum backpack is the clear front pocket because it’s the key to showing off your collection of prized character cards, pins, and stickers.

Check out the following video of the bag in action.

Alice In Wonderland Collection

For the fans of the whimsical, Wonderland shouldn’t only be limited to treasured pages in a book or stills in the cartoon.

Show off your Alice-pride by getting one of these to delight you and your friends, and pack more marvel and wonder into your day.

Alice Embroidery Book Chain Bag

With beautiful, detailed embroidery and two gold heart shapes as the zipper pull, this Alice book-shaped bag comes with a gold chain as the shoulder strap.

A collector’s item for the seasoned Wonderland voyager.

Alice Key Charm Doomed Satchel Bag

This elegant crossbody bag satchel is Alice-blue in colour with a teapot gold charm as the zipper pull and is topped off with a black ribbon, a nod to the famous bow that Alice wears at the top of her head.

Other Alice fans will recognise you as a kindred spirit with this at your side.

Minnie + Mickey Collection

We know, we know. Classic Disney characters harken back to a bygone Golden era.

So, for those who know classic is best: Make a statement of your allegiance with a few of these traditional Mickey Mouse characters.

Mickey Mouse Retro Square Shoulder Bag

Not only is this showcasing the most Classic Disney Character of All Time, but also this retro style square shoulder bag does it with elegance galore.

Use it as a handbag, ala 1950s glam, or over the shoulder for 1980s power.

Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Skirt Coin Pouch

It’s a pattern that might be more recognisable than the Nike swish. At least for those of us elite Disney lovers.

Never thought you needed this right? Show off your Disney fandom love each time you reach for change.

Donald Drawstring Cylinder Bag

Featuring soft, smooth leather with an easy drawstring opening—this Donald Drawstring Cylinder Bag is a great alternative to your everyday canvas tote bag.

Not to mention, the Donald Duck feet and swim ring are show-stoppers that will have friends giving your bag a second look.

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