ITSBAG’s stylish Korean designer bags for everyday office wear

Every woman we know has her very own favourite work bag that is a good mix of style, comfort and classiness. Work bags are long-lasting, roomy for your everyday essentials and somehow just look real good with the variety of your many work outfits.

The brand we’re bringing to you today is one that is making waves in Korea for its honest quality and humble prices. Its collections feature a variety of tote bags, backpacks, shoulder bags and more — definitely something for you to get through your long workday and beyond.

The best part: bags from ITSBAG won’t cost a bomb on your pocket just to own one of them. Read on and take your pick below!

Say Hello to ITSBAG from Korea

A contemporary bag brand from Korea, ITSBAG focuses on simple but practical designs. With design concepts like “concise design”, “emotional colour” and “mature trend”, they offer designs that perfectly suit the needs of modern working women. All the while giving working ladies a chance to look super chic and stylish.

Known for its contemporary and trendy design, ITSBAG has been featured in a number of K-dramas as well, including popular ones like “Descendants of the Sun” and “Always Spring Day”.

IT’S in the BAG

ITSBAG is an abbreviation of “IT’S in the BAG”.  The name has two meanings. First as a lingo that means “absolutely” in Korea. Secondly, representing the things and belongings carried in your personal bag. In other words, ITSBAG can be interpreted as a brand you absolutely can trust in terms of quality and design for the things that matter for you.

From the Designer: What’s Unique about ITSBAG?

Concise Design – Instead of loud, flashy designs, we opt to go for something detailed within its simple and modern style.

Emotional Color – When deciding colours used in designs, we always consider the overall mood and style of the person who’s wearing it. We have preferences for solid colours but also recently started exploring with dramatic combination of colour palettes to express individuality.

Mature Trends – Instead of chasing after volatile fashion trends that last a month or two, we go for the stable that never fails to deliver. Something timeless in style that will never go out of trend in the market.

Also, we maintain meticulous design and production processes regularly. Using good quality material sourced directly and combined with the detailed and careful craftsmanship of experienced bag craftsmen from Korea, we ensure that only the highest quality bags are presented to the market.

ITSBAG was created around 3 different design concepts being fused into a unique brand that is simple and practical. We wanted to create something beautiful that both looks and feels good when using.
Jung Minsik
Creative Designer

Must-have Picks Curated by the Editor

Tote Shoulder Bag - DANA

One of ITSBAG’s best-selling items, DANA, is a small tote/shoulder bag with double-sided fashionable straps. DANA gives you plenty of space to carry your small everyday items — fit for both work and leisure.

Made with quality synthetic leather and edge coating on the insides for a smooth touch. Available in 5 different colours.

Crossbody Bucket Bag - ELVA

The more petite ELVA is a simple crossbody bucket bag featuring a unique flap. It is perfect for casual occasions and you can easily use it as a daily bag. Matches beautifully with your favourite tea dress or summer dresses.

Made with 100% genuine cow leather and available in 3 different colours.

Slim Shoulder Bag - DARLEN

Last but not least, DARLEN is a minimal and slim shoulder bag that can really bring out the casual side of you. Despite its seemingly small size, it comes ready with small pockets and plenty of storage space inside and comes in a variety of pastel colours.

Made with quality synthetic leather and edge coating on the insides for a smooth touch. Available in 5 different colours.

Something else caught your eye?

Saw something you like on or on ITSBAG’s Instagram feed? Drop us a message below with a link to the item and we’ll do the rest to deliver it to your doorstep!

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