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Time to level up your accessories game as we prepare for end-of-year festivities! What better way to stand out from the crowd than with stylish jewellery pieces that are sure to grab attention?

The Sift & Pick curators are back to present their sartorial report – 7 statement accessories of 2020, set to elevate your entire wardrobe into the next year. Read on to find out the stylish accessories at your reach, aimed to make your ensemble on point, and never an “Emily in Paris” fashion faux pas (ringarde)!

Hoop Earrings

Admit it, hoop earrings are here to stay. First bursting onto the fashion scene in the 60s, hoops have made their rounds in all forms of sizes, textures and materials. While it’s never a one-form-fits-all accessory for the masses, you are bound to find the right hoops for your face frame!

#SupportLocal by snagging yourself a MU YU pair of Hoop earrings to add a natural and earthy element to your outfit!

The homegrown artisanal woodcraft studio prides itself on its slow-made and eco-conscious collections. Rest assured that your pair is unique, as no two pieces are ever alike.

Carry a piece of art with you wherever you may go, with South Korean cellmute’s Tears Hoop E Small earrings. An ode to its namesake, the brand aspires to produce minimalist pieces which evoke the latent emotions in one’s self.

Playing within the confinements of metal craftsmanship, cellmute aims to create everyday abstract art pieces that are perfect for all occasions.

No ear piercings? No worries. Japanese urbany to the rescue with its Modern Hoop Clip-on Earrings. Made of gold-plated alloy, these clip-on hoop earrings exude timeless style without weighing your ears down.

Handmade in Korea, OUND’s Vintage Pattern Hoop Round Earrings are sure to catch every fashionista’s attention with its contemporary twist on an otherwise vintage pair of earrings.

Made of gold-plated sterling silver, a strategically-added minimalist pendant lends a distinctive look to an otherwise plain hoop pair of earrings.

T-Bar Jewellery

What started as an option of a bracelet clasp, quickly evolved throughout the years to become a trend that has spin-off versions such as T-bar bangles or cuffs. It even inspired several high-end fashion brands to follow suit!

Tired of rusting accessories? Try BRIGHT&FIT’s classic Round Chain Heart Surgical Steel Bracelet – rust and tarnish resistant, the chain does not cause allergic reaction on sensitive skin as well! This on-trend, sturdy piece was seen on K-pop singer ITZY Ryujin as well!

Singapore brand Gung Jewellery’s sleek T-bar cuff is for the minimalist in you! Introducing the Jada Bubbly Silver Cuff with a row of spheres – inspired from the concept of a round pearl. The adjustable rhodium plated cuff is easy to slip on while whizzing out the door and adding that touch of elegance to your outfit.

Seeking a juxtaposition of spheres and angular rods instead? Indonesian Fine Form might be for you – the Lyra bracelet. Featuring a gold sphere on one end and a rectangular bar on the other, this gold-plated alloy bracelet is pretty yet intriguing at the same time.

Think T-bars are only for arm candy? Korean brand Jubiler’s O-ring Bar Layered Earrings are a delight with its play on T-bars dangling with hoops! Stray away from the norm of just bracelets or cuffs, and opt for this edgy silver piece instead.

Minimalist Rings

Ring blings? Nah, check out minimalist, stackable rings instead! Whether worn alone, or stacked with several, the following minimalist rings are sure to add value to your ring collection with its ceaseless styling potential. Hurry – if you like it, put a ring on it!

Handcrafted in Thailand, rapas jewelry’s In My Mind Rings are available in gold or silver. The sleek, solid-tone rings are plated with 18K gold vermeil, versatile enough to be stacked with other rings, or simply worn alone for a muted touch to an outfit. It is definitely a design that will stay in your mind whenever you reach out for your ring box.

Inspired by the emerging plant growth that occurs when winter is giving way to spring, Japan’s Dot. came up with the Sprout.a Ring – a silver ring crafted from a single silver wire, designed with twists that emulate vines. Keep a reminder of Spring’s emergence with you always!

Once for an angular look? Consider LITEN’s Dash Ring in the unique shade of pink gold! Pair it with several other rings or wear it on its own – either way, it’ll go perfectly with any outfit.

South Korean brand 3FISH pushes boundaries by always questioning the “right” answers. Explore their radical outlook on life with their jewellery trend designs and snag an accessory of theirs to constantly remind yourself of the brand’s philosophy.

The uniquely designed In The Raw Ring available in three different shades – white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, is highly recommended.

Chunky Chain Necklace

Bucking away from the minimalist accessory trends would be the need for a chunky chain necklace. Bigger than the usual slender strands, these thick, interlinked chains can transform your entire ensemble – from plain jane to flaming fashionista.

If minimalist jewellery is your usual go-to, cellmute’s Bold Chain N is the perfect stepping stone into your foray of chunky chains! Available in 18K gold or sterling silver, it is of the perfect thickness to give you that street-cred edge, without being too over the top?

Fancy a more lightweight chain option? M.M.D’s Chain Link Necklace offers that with its thin, intercepting chain links that still give that oomph factor of a chunky neck bauble – just with a twist!

If you can’t decide between sizes of chunky chains, try out AHNI’s Chain Necklace – a delightful combo of brushed metal chunky chain links and thinner chain strands. Made of brass and surgical steel and plated with 18K gold, this choker-style necklace can be worn with the big chain links in the front or back – a sure hit for that instagram-worthy post!

Have both the option of a choker or a necklace with BRIGHT&FIT’s Oval Buckle Chain Choker Necklace! Featuring both gold and silver tones and varied chain thickness, this versatile piece will take you from the office to a date night – in style!

Maximalist Shell

Another statement trend in line with the anti-minimalism movement: Maximalist Shell – where your love of the iridescent lustre of shell is out loud and proud. Miss the carefree days on idyllic beaches or snorkelling in crystal blue oceans? Remind yourself of these places constantly with the shimmering colours and cool smoothness of these Maximalist shell treasures!

Inject island vibes into your city wear with Thai brand Bloomsnoon Studio’s Mermaid Necklace! Featuring a shell piece on a necklace of Japanese beads and freshwater pearls, this handmade dainty necklace will offer some respite from the tropical heat in the form of cool memories of salty seawater and cold coconut water!

Glam up any outfit with homegrown brand VIONN’s Pearlescent Satini Moonshell Earrings! Featuring resin pieces coated with a pearlescent luster and gold-plated hardware, this dangly pair of earrings is sure to add that extra sheen of luxe to your selfies.

If you’re a fan of all things shiny and glittery, don’t miss out on Bloom beauty bar Kanazawa Accessory’s Pure Gold Lead Round Studs with Shell & Pearl! A cream coloured pair of earrings filled with pure gold leaf, shell and resin for that shimmer and twinkle to frame your face.

Grab yourself a multi-wear pair of earrings with Piji’s Under The Sea Earrings! You’ll never get bored with the three combinations of styling them with your outfits. Go on, put on that little bit of nacre sheen to your outfit!

Contemporary Pearl Drop

A pearl itself seems to be deceptive in appearance due to its classic, simple aesthetic. Mix it up with other materials or incorporate it into a design, and it is immediately enhanced! Add a contemporary pearl drop piece into your collection for that underrated touch of pizazz!

For an elegant, dangly pair of earrings with pearlescent touches, get your hands on sophiamor’s Pearl – Green Earrings; a single strand of pearls, anchored by gold-plated hardware. Simple, chic and luxe, a key piece in our jewellery box for romantic dinner dates or evening events!

Japanese brand Chan Luu is taking the bling of pearls to another level by embedding 0.07ct champagne diamonds, into the freshwater pearls on its White Freshwater Pearl Embellished Cuff. Wear it as a standalone piece, or layer it with other bracelets for that pop of iridescent bling in your style game!

Prefer your pearl piece to have more of a vintage feel? Look no further than Japan’s Lumiere irise and its Vintage Mosaic Shell & Pearl Earrings. An asymmetrical pair with two different designs, each piece features a drop pearl dangling from vintage mosaic shell beads for that retro feel.

If one pearl drop is not enough, get two then. With MalaNoche’s Short U2 Pearl Pierced Earrings, now you can! If you’re ever bored, switch it up a little as this multi-wear pair of earrings can be worn without the pearls, with a single pearl or both pearls!

Crafted Beading

Remember the good old days of friendship bracelets between you and your best pals? Life has come full circle again as crafted beading work is once again taking the fashion scene by storm, and here to stay! Be it to add a little colour to the mundaneness or to reminisce of good old days.

South Korean label FUN FROM FUN is bringing back cheers and giggles with its Smile Gelato Bracelet! Be it a bag accessory or arm candy, this lightweight and bright pick-me-up is sure to place a smile on your face.

Using handmade polymer clay beads, Thai brand Smogday has come up with a colourful array of bracelets. If you fancy more muted, versatile colours to match any colour palette in your wardrobe, try their Handmade Polymer Clay Bracelet in Navy Sea!

Creating jewellery inspired by nature, Bloomsnoon Studio wants to bring the rainbow directly to you with its Ivy Necklace. Made with a combination of lustrous freshwater pearls, gemstones and gold-toned beads, this colourful yet slender bauble is a great reminder of the wonders of nature as it glints in the sun.

Let others have a peek of your eclecticism with BRIGHT&FIT’s Beads Mix & Match Unique Bracelet. Made of 925 silver, natural stones and natural pearls, this bracelet is like an adult version of your childhood friendship bracelets!

No need to overhaul your wardrobe for a fresh look! With the right accessories, you could be looking at a cupboard full of brand new style. Want more statement pieces? Hop on over here now!

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