Keeping Your Daily Bag Organised – The Marie Kondo Style

Nothing speaks of New Year traditions quite like cleaning out and organising. And with Chinese New Year coming to a close this week, there’s no better time to start the new year right by getting your favourite bags in tip-top shape for your best year yet.

And we’ll do it with some Marie Kondo tips that will make the process easier than you might first imagine. These are organisation tips that will help any type of handbags for women, office bags, or bags for men look as good on the inside as they do on the outside.

Tip #1. Organise With Pouches

Even though many trendy Korean designer bags are going for a bucket-shaped look, that doesn’t mean the insides of your bag should be treated just like one.

Consider using smaller pouches to hold your daily necessities in your bag. The easiest way for you to pull out exactly what you need with your items organised in pouches.

Some great ones below that can fit into your favourite work bag or weekend tote bag!

DELDE Slide Pouch Mode - Pink & Gray

MARHEN.J Tinny Pouch - Ivory

PIECEMAKER Technical Pouch - Black

Rawrow Pack Double Pouch 131 Waxed Canvas – Charcoal

Tip #2. Compartmentalise Daily Items

Not a pouch kind of person? Or dislike the idea of having multiple purses in your bag? There’s another way to approach this Kon-Mari tip that might suit you better.

Go for bags with compartments. When you choose work bags with compartments or tote bags with compartments, you get a built-in system of organising the contents of your bag.

Designate each compartment/pocket for a specific item type, and you’re all set. For example, front pocket for keys, side pocket for mints, inner zip pocket for loose change, etc. Here are some bags that take compartmentalising to the next level.

MARHEN.J Rico Black

Bokeh - Camera Bag: Mini Tote (Khaki)

ANODDS FRAM Shoulder Bag - Heart Ivory

PIECEMAKER Canvas 3 Way Pocket Bag - Black

Tip #3. Empty & Store After Each Use

There’s one bit of trouble you might encounter when you own a shoulder bag with multiple compartments. This typically results in a gradual accumulation of non-essentials—baggage that you don’t need to be carrying!

Marie Kondo’s advice? Empty that bag out after each use and place the things in a box dedicated to the contents of your purse. Doing so will allow you to spot those expired coupons, loose bobby pins and other bits of non-essentials that don’t belong quickly and efficiently.

Another benefit to always emptying out your day bag after each use is that you’ll be more willing to use a purse suited to your outfit — instead of succumbing to reusing the same purse with your stuff inside every day again and again. Each day can feel like a new adventure when you get a chance to start with a clean slate.

The Marie Kondo Style


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