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We’ve all been there. Getting ready for a glamorous night out, we have the right shoes, the right outfit, but something just doesn’t feel all that right about the accessories laid out on the dressing table.

They often say: the perfect outfit is only fully complete with the right accessories. But girls back then didn’t have today’s new world problem of finding the right accessories online in our oversaturated world of women accessories. Finding the right accessory that harmonises and that doesn’t overwhelm or detract visually takes a keen eye and sharp hunting skills.

When we go on our journey to curate for unique fashion collections, we often look for both versatility and uniqueness. Versatility because we want our shoppers to be able to wear these gems for an evening out—but also to work. Uniqueness because fashion should be interesting and a bit of fun to help you get through those Mondays at the office. Of course, it also helps that when you’re wearing something unique, others take note, too. Win-win.

So when we first saw Thai Designer Sasivimol Chaidaroon’s jewellery line, we knew right away that we were looking at something delightful.

The La Jewelry brand story

A little background: Since Sasivimol Chaidaroon’s debut, this indie designer has gone on to win the “2015 Designer of the Year” award in Thailand and the “2016 Best of Casual” award at the Bangkok International Fashion Fair for her unique collections of artisan accessories. Her standout jewellery collections inspired by the elegance of both light and water.

Here are some gorgeous gems from La Jewelry’s recent collections that hit all the right notes for us:

La Jewelry-Dew drop earring

Dew Drop Earring

Made of glass and 925 silver, this glass droplet contains a drop of purified water in its 0.8 cm sphere. Talk about unique!

Easily pair these sparkling “water pearls” with a classic little black dress for a night out, or for a formal look day at the office.

La Jewelry-Dripping Necklace Loop-Clear

Dripping Necklace Loop

Hanging on a 925 silver loop choker necklace is a 4 cm in diameter glass drop pendant. This is another rainbow catcher, but because it is made of glass, it adds a simple statement of polish to whatever you wear. When you want to treat yourself a little, this piece is definitely worth checking out.

La Jewelry-Rhythm of the Sea Necklace

Rhythm of the Sea Necklace

Crafted by hand to resemble the waves of the deep blue sea, this beautiful necklace features not one but two tiny sphere-shaped glass droplets filled with drops of purified water perched on a pink gold-plated pendant.

Beautiful against a simple white blouse or matching with your favourite girly frock.

Something else caught your eye?

Saw something you like on La Jewelry’s Instagram feed? Drop us a message below with a link to the item and we’ll do the rest to deliver it to your doorstep!


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