Do colours look brighter during the summer? Or is it just that we’re drawn to vivid colours when the days grow hot, with long summer vacation just around the corner?

Whatever the case, there’s something about these beautifully coloured picks from Korean brand FIBRENO that embodies these bright, summer-time feels.

Founded 2013 in Seoul, the concept of FIBRENO’s design is all about filling life with colour. The designer and founder of this brand, Iris Lim, fell in love with colours when she was a child and would often fall asleep clutching crayons in her fists. “I think that’s why I have so many colours in my products,” she says.

FIBRENO store front

The brand’s name has roots in Italy, which is visually obvious when visiting their flagship store in Changdeokgung, Seoul and is a reference to Iris Lim’s time in Italy when she lived at Via Fibreno 10 — her address in Rome.

Aside from fashion items, FIBRENO also designs interior and travel goods. Their designer tote bag collection remains a hot favourite among local trendsetters.

There are many things to love about the distinctive FIBRENO bag

First, it’s a minimalist high quality bag both in design and in appearance.

With its simplicity, it can be easily accessorised in many different styles like with scarves and tassels, both of which are classic styles. Take a look at this little video that shows you not only how to tie a scarf onto your bag, but also how adorable the look is.

Third, it’s so important to find a bag in your favourite colour, regardless of whatever the bag colour trend 2019 is.


And this is where FIBRENO’s is a notch above other bag brands and women’s bag brands in general. They have bags in so many shades that you’re bound to find THE colour that matches your favourite special day outfit or work casual wear.

For the best bags to own, here’s the Sift & Pick round-up of hand-picked items for our readers.


For the serious reader, here’s an upgraded take on the formerly humble book bag —because your book deserves to be well-housed, even when you’re out and about. The adjustable strap on this means multiple ways of carrying your summer beach mystery or romance novel.

Original Mini Bag

For the career girl, this leather bag with its classic clean lines and structured shape, is built to impress, making it the perfect companion for work.

Piccolina Bag

For the girls who can handle the glamour, this Piccolina is a compartment bag that can handle the avid accesoriser. Perfect for adding some final touches like tying a scarf or hanging a key charm.

Cosmetic Clutch

For the summer socialite with big plans, this compact and stylish clutch has functional and practical inner pockets, helping you easily spot your lip gloss or other on-the-go make up essentials.

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