MARHEN.J Now in Singapore on Sift & Pick

Yes, it’s official! The bag brand that became an overnight sensation in Korea as seen on Instagram and many stylish celebrities is now in Singapore on Sift & Pick — be the first few to get your hands on these beautiful designer bags by MARHEN.J, direct from Korea!

The MARHEN.J Brand Story

Korean fashion bags have long been sought after by fashion influencers and K-pop devotees around the world. But what makes MARHEN.J stand out?

The story behind the MARHEN.J brand began in January 2015 when Kim Hyun Hee, Creative Director behind the art directing scene for popular K-pop artists like Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, Twice, Wonder Girls and more, started out to develop her own unique designer fashion brand.

MARHEN.J from Korea

With a vision to develop a line of Korean designer bags including handbags for women, office bags and bags for work that conveyed both structured composure and a sense of relaxation, MARHEN.J was birthed.

And now today, they are creating waves in Korea’s fashion scene for their stylish bag designs that are trendy yet so sensible. Designs by MARHEN.J was not a case of minimalism for its own sake. But rather a perfect pairing of practical design sense with a streamlined approach to beauty. This resulted in bags that are suitable both for everyday casual and office formal. An added flourish is the fact that all products are cruelty-free and use the latest premium synthetic leather manufacturing technology in their production.

Check out some of our favourite collections from the MARHEN.J lineup, featuring the mega-hit canvas tote series and the Jenny leather tote bag series.

MARHEN.J's Ricky Tote Bag Review

One of MARHEN.J’s most iconic designs.

The idea of the casual tote gets an upgrade with Ricky’s strong structure, keeping your bag at all times. The black and white pairing gives it a sharp formal appearance that can work in the office or for Sunday brunch.

This tote bag has stolen many hearts, including those of popular Kpop stars and celebrities, as evidenced by the number of likes this particular MARHEN.J creation has racked up on Instagram and YouTube.

Ricky comes in Ivory and Black, and also a more petite version known as Ricky Mini.

Here’s a useful review of the Ricky Tote Bag.

MARHEN.J's Rico Tote Bag Review

The Rico tote is a more petite version of the Ricky bag, and is the go-to accessory for weekend casual or light-work days at the office. Wonderfully waterproof and with 5 useful inner pockets, the Rico has an adjustable strap for those times when we want our hands-free for doing this and that, but still looking sharp while we’re at it.

Rico comes in colours Ivory and Black.

Imagine how the Rico Tote bag would look like in your hands with this review:

MARHEN.J's Jenny Leather Tote Bag Review

The metal pieces of Jenny are plated with 24K gold, and the material of the bag itself is suede.

You can style it further with a fur charm or with an adjustable strap of a different but complementary colour. This is a bucket bag that will make every day feel like a special day when you get to have something as stylish as this on your arm.

Watch the Jenny live in action:

Mandy White by MARHEN.J

Square, sophisticated, and hugely popular among K-pop stars, the Mandy White has small pockets in the bag where you can slip in a credit card.

The bottom comes with studs to protect it from rough encounters. It has premium suede on the inside, with oblique stitch pattern on the outside.

A sporty, yet elegant pouch that goes well with almost any outfit.

See it in motion in this review:

Rosee Ash Rose by MARHEN.J

MARHEN.J Rosee Ash Rose

This is a Korean take on the classic handbag that has been a staple of women’s wardrobes since the 1950s.

The Rosee Ash Rose is roomy enough inside to hold all the essentials for a day trip into the city, but not too big because the designers know that the real beauty of this bag is in its simple lines and crisp, clean proportions, as shown in this YouTube review.

MARHEN.J's Roy Bag Review

Designed with similar structure integrity as the previous causal tote bag range, the Roy Bag provide practical storage space with 4 inner pockets and an outer pocket, ideal to slot your phone in.

A perfect substitute for your office bag with space to store a 15-inch laptop, notebooks, documents, water bottle, umbrella and so on, the list is endless.

Roy Bag is available in colours Black and Neutral.

Find out the perks of this Roy Bag:

MARHEN.J's Mory Ivory Review

Looking for a chic yet light bag that can hold all your essentials? This Mory Bag ticks all the boxes and the drawstring function allows you to grab your items conveniently. When the drawstring is tightened the fabric gather, creating the bag’s shape/shaping the bag.

Apart from giving the bag support, the black base provides a good contrast against the white fabric, making it a must have in your wardrobe. Such simple and monochrome colours complement with almost any outfits.

Whenever you are out shopping or having lunch with your friends, this bag is compact enough to hold your wallet, phone and makeup. We know that the Mory Ivory is one that you should get your hands on and not miss out.

MARHEN.J's Rico II Bag Review

Remember one of MARHEN.J’s best seller the Rico Bag? Well now, there is a new and improved version, the Rico II bag.

The handles are further reinforced with PU leather for a better grip and prevent stains. The sleek brown handle pads give a unique pop of colour to the bag and with its versatility, switch things up by carrying in your hand, over the shoulder or across your body.

Accentuate your look with this distinctive Rico II Bag whenever your outfit is missing that extra spark.

Rico II Bag comes in 4 colours Jester Red, Indy Pink, Moss Green and Sand Beige.

Check out the latest Rico II Bag review:

MARHEN.J's Annie Bag Review

A bag that look effortlessly modern and classy, the Annie Bag is made with vegan leather and embellished with the signature MJ logo.

This two-way style bag is accompanied with an adjustable strap for a crossbody bag or carry it as a tote bag. With a vast range of colours available, you will be spoilt for choice to pick your favourite. 

Comes in 6 colours Honey Mango, Red Berry, Ash Grey, Rose Pink, Apple Mint and Taupe.

MARHEN.J First Flagship Store in Seoul

With a huge following base and support, MARHEN.J has open its flagship store on 29 March 2019 at Hongdae, Seoul to house their growing collections.

Known for its bustling art and music culture, clubs and entertainment frequent by youths, Hongdae is a great spot for MARHEN.J to thrive. The store comprises of two storeys with the showroom located at the first floor to display MARHEN.J products and future cultural events or workshop are hosted above.

Surrounded by a bubbly pink theme interior and furnished with warm lights, it is an insta-worthy place for you to strike a pose with your lovable MARHEN.J bag and snap a few shots for your feed.

Shop newest arrivals in MARHEN.J’s official store on Sift & Pick now!

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