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Walk through a beautiful blue door along the streets of Paris and a tantalising world of natural aromas welcome you.

Born in the heart of Paris, this French beauty apothecary brings you back in time to how those old-timey apothecaries did with medicine – a place where you can create and custom make your very own beauty formulas according to your needs.

Natural beauty from Paris - Huygens

Founded in 2011, Huygens is France’s first and most famous apothecary skincare brand. Rated #2 by worldwide travellers for shopping in Paris on Tripadvisor, this cosy shop with blue façade nestled in the Paris Marais neighbourhood offers natural beauty products that are 100% exclusively and locally made in France.

All of their organic collections including face care formulas, aromatic body, bath and hair care treatments, home and aromatherapy scents are made from the purest natural ingredients and mixed in their laboratories.

As a cruelty-free and clean brand, we also love how they advocate for these green efforts through their eco-friendly and recyclable packaging.

Huygen's Custom-made Skincare

Huygens boutique-2

Although you can buy their ready-made skincare products (both online and in stores), Huygens also offers custom-made cosmetics.

You can choose your favourite essential oil as a base, and then select the type of product you want – face wash, scrub, lotion, etc. The staff will then create a unique skincare product based on your request.

Huygens’s bespoke service is only available in their flagship store on Le Marais street in Paris – which you should definitely visit if you get the chance to!

The location is a former alchemist’s house dating back to the 17th century, which only adds to the magic experience of having your skincare products mixed right in front of your eyes.

Best Huygens Skincare Products

Huygens products

If you’re not planning a trip to Paris anytime soon but still looking to buy their natural skincare products, we’re here to help you choose something from Huygens’ ready-made natural beauty line.

Enjoy all the benefits of these beauty products 100% made in France without leaving your house – they’re all available online on Sift & Pick.

Anti-aging Face Cream

If you’re looking for a 100% natural anti-aging remedy, the Anti-aging Face Cream from Huygens might be exactly what you need.

A blend of natural active ingredients including Damascus rose water, safflower oil, and wheat germ oil help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, leaving the skin soft and nourished for the whole day.

Recommended to use in combination with the Huygens anti-age serum.

Face Scrub

We’ve all experienced that dreadful feeling of using a scrub that’s too harsh, and being left with dry and irritated skin. Forget about that once and for all with the Huygens Face Scrub

A creamy formula with rice powder granules as the main ingredient, this scrub is as efficient as it is gentle.

The green tea extract, sesame oil and orange blossom water will make sure that your skin remains soft and hydrated even after cleansing.

Hand Cream Verveine d’Huygens

If you feel like your hands could use some extra care, get yourself a tube of Verveine d’Huygens Hand Cream.

A fragrant cocktail of mint and verbena essential oils, this hand cream smells heavenly and is an excellent remedy for dry skin.

Although this cream is intensely hydrating, it won’t leave your skin feeling greasy – making it great for daily use.

Arbre De Vie Face Wash

The Arbre de Vie Face Wash is a blend of the most effective organic ingredients for the skin – starting with the famous witch hazel extract.

Witch hazel extract is a powerful soothing agent that helps calm irritated skin, ease inflammation, and so much more amazing benefits.

A blend of essential oils including lavender and orange peel gives the product a divine smell and gentle cleansing properties. This face wash is perfect for people who struggle with acne and breakouts.

Temple Essential Oil

Huygens is also famous for its aromatherapy line, which can be used for various purposes such as home diffusion, meditation, and more.

The Temple Essential Oil is a powerful herbal potion, comprised of peppermint, rose, lavender, and cedarwood essential oils.

Fresh and reinvigorating, this scent helps your body and mind relax, reduces stress, and can even help with jetlag.

Whether you’re after skincare for dry skin, anti-ageing products, new facewash to combat acne and breakouts, or essential oil to make your house smell divine, Huygens has got you covered with its ready-made beauty products now exclusively available online on Sift & Pick!

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