So much about travelling with ease comes down to knowing how to cut out the non-essentials. Ever ran out of space when packing your backpack and luggage? Want to know how to do it with minimal fuss and maximum class?

Here are 5 practical tips for packing when travelling abroad that will get you ready to start packing!

Tip 1: Do a wardrobe edit

Do you really need to pack that bulky sweater? A second pair of sandals?

Bring only the things you are 100 percent sure you’ll both use and can’t do without.

Tip 2: Choose a mini colour palette

Narrow your wardrobe down to 2 to 3 colours, and make sure that each item can be worn with every other item you pack.

In this way, 3 tops and 2 bottoms could make a total of 6 outfits.

Tip 3: Yes to pockets

The perfect travel companion is a bag with lots of pockets because this means easy organisation and retrieval for your daily necessity items such as water bottle and umbrella.

Make sure it’s a roomy but compartmentalised bag so that you won’t have to rummage through your backpack.  

Tip 4: Pack accessories

One of the most helpful tips for becoming a minimalist packer is to have a travel outfit that can be dressed up and down.

Classy accessories, such as an eye-catching necklace and earring set, can elevate a black T and jeans. And best of all, they pack up small.

Tip 5: Get a roll on it

Rolling will help you fit more into your backpack than folding, minimising wrinkles and helping you use up every bit of available space like a seasoned pro.

What to look for in the perfect travel backpack?

Now that you know what you’ll bring, we’ll round-up today’s article with what features to look for in the perfect travel backpack.

Here are some of our favourite stylish travel backpacks that made it onto our list of must-have backpacks for travel.


Bags with compartments and various openings mean that you can get to an item without emptying your backpack out each time you need to reach in and get something. This bag wins in the ease-of-use category.

Designer Collections for Men by JENNER

This one is for the serious traveller, getting ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

A favourite among backpack brands, Korean designer bag label Jenner brings you a bag that allows you to carry more than your average load of goods.

GEAR3 - Designed for Simplicity, Functionality & Style

Always prepare for a rainy day. A waterproof bag means that your bag is protected against rain, accidental spills of coffee, and can even double as a gym bag.

Gear 3’s Boston bag can be used as a shoulder or cross-body bag or sit compactly on top of your carry-on suitcase.

RAWROW Minimalist Backpacks & Bags

If the construction of your backpack is heavy even before putting your first item in, it’s not going to be easy on the shoulders when fully packed.

So a lightweight backpack with a slim design is a smart choice for trips where you know you’ll be on your feet a good deal of the time.

BAAN BROWN from Seoul

A classic look for a classic piece of luggage.

This is the backpack to choose when you want a durable bag that also wins big in the appearance category with its leather detailing that gives the bag a preppy vibe.

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