Rock these colourful, stylish statement earrings from Seoul

It’s 8AM in the morning. You’re flying around the house grabbing your workbag, zipping up your pencil skirt, and putting on that left footsie sock that just came freshly laundered from your washing machine.

Just moments away from shutting that door before you walk out, a thought hit you as you stared straight into the mirror.

“Did I JUST forget my accessories?”

And now what will you choose? Well, we say when in doubt, always go for the bolder ones.

“Because life’s too short to wear boring accessories”

Like the bold and playful collections by yOungly yOungley from Seoul, who takes their design inspirations from daily life. “Youngley” means “clever” in Korean, and they focus on creating youthful, witty fashion accessories just like their brand name. Think brightly coloured fruits, plant-inspired jewellery and other oddly-shaped daily objects, which all form the whimsical inspirations for the unique designs of yOungly yOungley as she creatively experiments with materials, composition, colours and more.

So why be ordinary when you can be bold? Go playful, go adventurous with these quirky, colourful statement pieces that will guarantee you the perfect finish to your stylish look. 

Free shipping for orders above SGD50 from this brand store, to be applied at checkout.


One of yOungly yOungley’s most popular piece, Salgoo reminds you of bright red cherries and apricots, giving you a refreshing fruity burst in your outfit.

Salgoo by yOungly yOungley


Inspired by yellow corn, Susu earrings are a kitsch sensation perfect for summer. What’s unique and practical about these earrings are that they are also detachable, allowing you to wear them as small single pieces. 

Susu by yOungly yOungley


These wooden earrings convey a rustic charm and are the perfect complement to your casual ensemble. With a different design on each ear, add a quirky and playful twist to your usual style. Handmade with love by the craftsmen behind the scenes at yOungly yOungley!

Hut by yOungly yOungley


A colourful composition of various geometric shapes. This series is definitely a yOungly yOungley signature, representing the brand’s whimsical and bold identity very well. Their unique shape and colour will make your ears pop!

Darlok by yOungly yOungley

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