#StayHome Self-Care

These are strange times we’re living in. Never have we had such an experience that needed us to globally unite and fight against these tough times. How can you help and do your part responsibly? Simple – just #StayHome.

Of course, it is easier said than done. Our need for socialising, itchy feets and wanderlust won’t disappear at once for sure. Do not fear though, and let our Sift & Pick curators help you keep cabin fever at bay with our #StayHome mood booster picks!

We want you to never lose those feelings – that sense of wonder of exploring a new city, the anticipation when unwrapping a present or the comfort when hugging a loved one. Scroll through our list of #StayHome mood boosters to keep your spirits high all within the comforts of your crib.

Feel Comfort - Snuggle Up for the Long Ride

For one to stay productive at any place or task, setting up the right surroundings for a comfortable hunker down is essential.

Start by putting your mind at ease with a safe and clean environment with the latest sdtravel Self-disinfecting Coating Spray brought in by GIFT by Changi Airport, which is a thoughtful curation of lifestyle and travel products, with a local twist featuring Changi Airport and Jewel.

The coating spray contains a unique US-EPA approved antimicrobial active which kills and prevents germs from breeding on communal touch-points and personal items like laptops, door handles or mobile phones. Its protective effect lasts for 90 days.

Besides ensuring a bacteria-safe environment, what about the quick grocery run moments? Shield yourself from unwanted UV damage, rain or accidental coughs and sneezes with South Korea’s VARZAR and its Stud Logo Protect Bucket Hat that features an over-the-face visor. Remember to wear your masks when you’re out and about with PACHA‘s Water Repellent Fabric Masks.

Be sure to pack light so that you’ll be in and out of the supermarket in a jiffy, with both hands free to carry your week’s supply!

Take a look at these nifty crossbody bags from Thai brand House of high – the Mars Bags are colourful, light and easy to wipe down after a quick trip. For a roomier version, check out South Korean Label t t m a b with its  Mini President Bags.

If crossbody bags are not your style, both the Ah Guo canvas tote bag and Hello Changi Night tote bag from GIFT by Changi Airport feature whimsical illustrations of our iconic Changi Airport Control Tower, Jewel Rain Vortex and Canopy Bridge. You may be unrecognisable under the mask, but you are sure to stand out with your signature bag!

With personal safety covered, it’s time to melt away the tense knots and relax with a nice, warm relaxing bath with French Brand Huygens’ organic, 100% cruelty-free bath and body care products! Don’t forget to moisturise after with Huygen’s Bois Rose Body Lotion, an easily absorbed formula for soft skin so that you can relax more comfortably in loungewear.


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Thinking of enhancing your sense of comfort and soothing your soul with delightful fragrances? Not a problem with our selected picks of aromatherapy goods, aimed to scintillate your senses and teleport you to a garden or cafe.

You could start small by either dabbing essential oils on your temples and wrists with Hyugen’s Roll-on Essential Oils or placing Huygen’s Arbre De Vie Reed Diffuser in your room for the subtle whiffs of floral blends.

To help you reach peak cozy, try Belarusian ALEL CANDLES – made from all-natural essential oils, soy wax, coconut oil and beeswax. These candles come wrapped prettily in a personalised leather holder to call your own. You could also transport yourself back to  a time where you spent a day satisfying that caffeine craving in your favourite cafe by lighting up Thai brand Wax Valley’s Soy Candle Roaster Blend Portable Tin in Coffee & Chocolate!

Still can’t place your finger on which scent you’d like? Try out the Changi Scent by GIFT by Changi Airport – available in candle, perfume oil and reed diffuser forms. This scent is diffused everywhere in Changi Airport; a distinctive scent comprising notes of our nation’s flower: the Orchid, as well as Asian spices and plants! Look back on fond memories whenever you use this scent – of the beginnings and ends of your travel adventures through Changi Airport.

Feel Hope - Boost Productivity & Make Plans

Waking up hopeful every day is a wonderful thing! Instead of wistful daydreaming of better days ahead, act now to increase your productivity by making lucrative plans for the future.

Start with baby steps – organise a designated space in your room when you work from home. Motivate yourself by setting up a neat, clutter-free workspace to put yourself in the zone for whatever challenges work may send your way.

Space constraint? Keep messy wires at bay with this March Michelle‘s Simple Cord Organiser and Cat Cord Organiser from Thailand; a seemingly ordinary item crafted from ethically sourced genuine cow leather.

Or find dual-purpose gadgets or accessories such as Liquid Carry Co.’s Liquid Wallet in Matte Black & Key Caddy in Rose Gold-  both are compact, multi-function accessories to keep your essentials such as cards, cash, keys and even a thumbdrive together for that quick “essentials” run out.

Free up deskspace with a brand from down under – Australian Oakywood’s Solid 2-in 1 Headphone Stand & Qi Wireless Charger – a powerful 10W wooden wireless fast charger with a stainless steel headphone stand and handmade wood-crafted solid base. You will be spoilt for choice with the variety of different wood colours of this desktop eye candy.

Don’t just de-clutter your workspace! Plan ahead for those essential days outside and do a mini revamp of your work bag staples, such as your mobile phone case! Take a look at South Korean brand ESTODUS.iPhone Open Mirror Card Cases, available in several eye-catching designs and dual-purposed for you to sneak a quick peek at your makeup and grab a business card before any meeting, if needed!

Or inject a pop of colour into your daily accessories such as your mobile phone, with collagevacance’s eclectic mobile case designs and accessories such as its GripTok – a small accessory to fix upon the back of your phone for a secure hold.

Once you’ve feng shui-ed your workspace, it’s time to buckle down and make plans for a better tomorrow and you!

Feel Wonder - Never Lose that Sense of Wonder

It’s a big world out there, and while we #StayHome, we shouldn’t lose hope till our next travel adventures. Quell your wanderlust with Nippon Kodo’s Oedo-koh Incense & Tin Holder in Cherry Blossom. Transcend into Japan’s Sakura season while in the comforts of your home through these handmade incense crafted by skilled artisans armed with historical craftsmanship.

Make a wish list of all the places you plan to visit in future, with your favourite drink in hand and teatime snack on an instagram-worthy plate. These Japanese drinkware add an extra touch of inspiration – CHIPS‘s Mino yaki mugs that are handmade by skilled craftmasters from Gifu, Japan, or a reminder of Mount Fuji with Toyo-Sasaki GlassMount Fuji Fortune Sake Glass Cups.

Don’t forget ’em colourful plates for your favourite finger foods! We think these m.m.d ‘s Seto Ware Plates, handmade with traditional Japanese craft from Seto City in Aichi, are just the right touch to make your day a little brighter.

Feel Pampered - Self Love during Isolation

Now is the best time for you to press restart on your skin as you wear less makeup. Emerge from your home as a brand new you once the movement restrictions are lifted with these #StayHome self-care tips!

Achieve flawless skin with our curated picks! French skincare brand, Crème Simon believes that one’s skin health reflects both physical and psychological well-being.

As such, they came up with an assortment of topical and oral solutions for your skincare needs – the Brightening Multi-benefits Eye Treatment helps with tired eyes, and an herbal Skin supplement tea packed full of powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients for that vibrant, glowy look from within!

Not a fan of tea? The Feel Supplement boasts 12 essential vitamins and 7 minerals to improve moods, energy and general wellness!

If you’d prefer your skin supplements sweeter, try Japanese Brand ORBIS’ Defencera – Japan’s first government-certified supplement for skin. Verified for its effectiveness in preventing drying skin, this yuzu flavoured powder is definitely a citrusy treat for you and your skin.


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Don’t forget to give your skin some TLC on the outside with South Korean brand GLOSOME and it’s Rose Quartz Facial Gua Sha + All Day Solution Tencel Mask.

This winning duo combines the therapeutic benefits of massage with the Rose Quartz Gua Sha, and the potent active ingredients in its Tencel Masks. Skin will be super-hydrated and soothed after each use. If you’re looking for a quick skin-reviver, try their Light my Skin Mist – an ultra-fine and lightweight mist formulated to softly hydrate your skin.

Last but not least, your crowning glory! Reveal thick, luscious and healthy hair with Huygens‘s Hercule Shampoo to help strengthen weak and fragile hair.

Follow up with Elishacoy’s Moplex Hair Water Volumer – a 2-in-1 item for relieving hair loss and volume-boosting purposes. Finish up by pinning your locks with Japanese handmade clear jewellery by marumi03, or keep the flyaways neatly in a ponytail with their Eternal Fantasy Barrette. Looking for fancy hair styling accessories? Check out Bloom Beauty bar Kanazawa Accessory‘s Rose Quartz Hair Clip.

Remember, we’re in this together. Never lose those feelings of wonder, comfort and hope as we look toward a stronger tomorrow and #StayHome. Go ahead – pamper, excite, and be kind to yourself with our specially selected #StayHome mood boosters.

Head over here for more inspiration for your own mood boosters!

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