Fashion and style identity need not take a back seat as we enter the New Norm with mandatory face masks. The latest necessity for our health and safety has certainly given us a new challenge when it comes to recognising your friends or family on the streets. Hands up – how many of you have walked past friends the past few weeks without calling them?

Amidst the sea of face masks, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowds. Flaunt your inner fashionista with a curated collection of mask fashion and accessories for all occasions through this style guide put together by the Sift & Pick team!

#PSA – Before you start strutting out the door, be sure to have a bottle of sanitiser by your side! Instead of rooting around your bags for it, grabbing your sanitiser is now made easier with a nifty sanitiser holder; introducing Thai brand Narmi’s genuine leather The Body Guard Circle in Choco that can be hung around your neck or attached to a bag.

Once a rare commodity for a brief spell, an assortment of hand sanitisers is now available on Sift & Pick – from SimplyGood‘s Food Grade Sanitisers to disinfect hands prior to meals, to sdtravel’s Self-Disinfecting Coating for often touched items like your mobile phones.

Prefer a more refreshing pick-me-up as a sanitiser? #SupportLocal and have a whiff of Soul Good Project’s Hand Sanitiser with notes of tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender and sweet orange. The Verdant Lab also offers a soothing treat for senses as it helps to sanitise hands without drying out skin with its Lavender Hand Sanitiser.

Let's Get to Work!

Ready to hit the streets? Create the next face mask trend when you’re seen with matching accessories! Get your money’s worth with The Mask Life.’s unique reusable Reversible Masks – a muted tone on one side, and a funkier shade on the other, you’re basically getting two masks for the price of one!

Enhance your protection from the crowds and harmful UV rays with Thai brand WOVE’s Face Shield Cap, or Korean brand VARZAR’s Stud Logo Protect Bucket Hat – each comes with a detachable protective face covering to avoid unwanted coughs or sneezes.

To meander through public transport with minimal contact , switch to smaller or more fuss-free bags. Take for example, RAWROW and its 3 Way Bag 270 Rugged in easy-to-clean nylon. Korean brand KOIMOOI’s Mini A-Bag in Beige is also perfect for a polished look whilst still keeping all your essentials close by your side. If you’re looking for a sturdy and chic crossbody bag, LUEUR has got you covered with its solid shaped Thelma Medium Square Bag in Brown!

Finish off your office look with a little quirky pastel-coloured Blue Pink Marble Circle Earrings from Japanese Acrylic accessory brand Pyonta! Looking for a classic piece? Rock this Silver Fantasia Milkyway Necklace from mzuu and shine like the true jewel you are.

Gathering with Your Family

Now that restrictions are lifted, you’re allowed to visit family or head out with them – but not more than five in a group! Prepare for family outings with SimplyGood’s Post Circuit Breaker Care Packs– a bundle of sanitisers and masks specially put together to ensure everyone’s safety.

Trying to encourage children to wear their masks? Incentivise them with colourful choices such as The Mask Life.’s Love & Magic Reversible Face Mask – a pretty purple hue with caricatures of unicorns and rainbows, or the Outer Space Reversible Mask with its drawings of spaceships and robots.

There’s also nothing more adorable than twinning with your little one! Bring a smile to others as you tote the Gudetama Twin With Me Bag (Large) from THE SOPHIA LABEL and your fellow little fashionista with Gudetama Twin With Me Bag (Mini). Featuring the cute lazy egg character, it is perfect for mums and their little princesses!

For father and son, consider UK brand Goodordering’s Classic Mini Backpack in Graphite – the aptly sized version of the original backpack for kids ages 2-4, with reflective strips for extra safety. Want a sling bag instead? Take a look at the waterproof Monochrome Gadget Bag in Black with hard-wearing nylon binding for durability and easy cleaning.

Brunch Time!

Time to meet friends and catch up over brunch at the cafes you’ve been saving on Instagram. Be recognised as you tote a signature bag, such as one of Korean label MARHEN.J’s eye-catching pieces – the Billy series.


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If you’d like more structured bags that have zip or flap closures, try Japanese brand LAUGOA’s 2 Way Mini Bag in Silver or local brand Studio MU YU and its unique  Beam I – The Original One – both adorable options for that cute brunch outfit! For a larger bag, Korean brand STABY.L has an assortment of colourful, stylish and lightweight pleated totes. Both the W Burgundy Medium Daily and FUN FROM FUN’s Smile Gelato Bracelet match well with their eye-catching pleated design and palette.

Remember that while at brunch, as long as you’re not eating or drinking, you’d still have to don on a mask. Inject some fun into mask fashion! Try pairing printed masks and accessories for a start.

With the colourful and comfortable masks from Japanese brand KILLYEDNA, you’ll be spoilt for choice with their reusable Cool Touch Fabric Mask – Sweet Pea thoughtfully made with cooling fabric material. For increased comfort, try the Headloop Cool Touch Fabric Mask – Spring, also suitable to be used with a Hijab too. Other inspiration of masks with prints include Aussie brand The Mask Life.’s Reversible Face Mask in Winter Snow that is made with 100% moisture wicking polyester material.

The fun of prints doesn’t stop at face masks! How about a colourful print headband for neat hair styling? Japanese brand, hirali has a soft and reversible Tenugui Snow Pellet headband with dot prints, also doubling up as a scarf and handkerchief. Made from traditional Japanese handcrafted cotton, it wicks moisture or perspiration from skin effectively.

For more convenient and colourful hair accessories, try an adjustable headband from Japan label KILLYEDNA – its Botanical Headband is reminiscent of a floral pattern. Or get a printed canvas Multicolor Miki Hat from Thai Brand {JUN}. These two colourful options will elevate your entire look while keeping your tresses neat and tidy!

Let's Get Physical!

You can finally head to the gym and restart that active lifestyle! Exercising at the gym or communal areas can be safe for everyone as long as the following precautions are taken:

– Wearing a mask when not performing strenuous activity
– Wiping down perspiration from equipment
– Sanitising hands before and after using equipment

With all the extra procedures needed, ensure you have a gym bag with multiple compartments to store all your extra items and separate used clothes or masks. Try Hong Kong’s Frequent Flyer Captain Zip Around Backpack – an iconic piece with zip-around design that can open up flat for ease of packing. Alternatively, fit both your work laptop and gym attire in RAWROW‘s  3 Way Bag 270 Rugged bag made with easy-to-clean nylon. Eco-conscious folks out there can check out UK brand Roka’s vegan 2-in-1 tote backpack – Bantry B Small Corn bag. Produced under socially-compliant conditions with carefully chosen materials, its durability and weather resistance can be vouched for.

Add a touch of fun and inspiration after working out with Aussie brand The Mask Life.! Put on a face mask that reminds you of your favourite superhero movie characters like the Spidey Sense mask, VADR and The Iron.

If you’re an outdoorsy person, may we suggest taking a hike with Japanese brand FREDRIK PACKERS500D Hiker Pack in Khaki! Explore Singapore’s nature safely in style with this classic drawstring backpack packed with necessities – from insect repellent to caps. If you’re hiking in a group, remember to stay protected with Thai brand PACHA’s Water Repellent Fabric Mask.

Fancy doing a little cycling on our island? UK label Goodordering’s Monochrome Market Shopper in Red is the bag to look out for to take you from pedal to pavement fashionably! Carry as a backpack or shoulder bag and attach to a bicycle with its pannier when you’re on-the-go.

Let's keep Things Casual

Don’t want to stand out with a striking mask and prefer to keep things on the downlow? Let’s stick to the basics then – Black or White, take your pick!

Both highly versatile colours, any accessory in either shade are bound to be a wardrobe essential – making them great investments in the long run!


A classic colour choice for many, white is the preferred shade in light of its ability to deflect heat, and complement most. Snag some inspiration from us on how you can incorporate the colour into your daily outfits!

Zip in and out of places, MARHEN.J’s iconic crossbody Lolly pouch in Pure White is popular for its versatility and usefulness to carry essentials! Korean brand PIECEMAKER’s Classic Cordura Sling Bag in White is also another well-sized alternative for your daily essentials. Need a bigger bag? FREDRIK PACKERS’ Field Pack in White should do the trick, with its gold plated zipper and 420 denier nylon cloth for hardiness.

Heading for a short errand to the office and need a less casual option? Look no further than South Korea’s ITSBAG and the Dana Mini in white, compact, lightweight and classic looking that will bring you from work day to date night.


Black, being a solid and bold colour, is also a hot favourite due to its slimming effect, and the durability to withstand staining. Easy to complement other shades with, Black items are definitely a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

Some inspiration of masks with prints include South Korean brand FUN FROM FUN’s cotton Scollop Dot Mask with scalloped edges and polka dots. Also, check out MARHEN.J’s Lolly pouch in Black – a nifty pouch that fits your daily accessories such as EZ-link cards and cash!

For a roomier bag, try Stighlorgan’s Finn Flapover Laptop Backpack in Black; a sought-after utilitarian bag choice with its compact design that provide the best commute functionality.

Seeking a textured bag? Perhaps South Korea’s ANODDS’s Lazel Mini Croc Shoulder Bag in Wani Black will pique your interest! Its classic shape and solid colour makes it a breeze to be matched with casual outfits or formal suits.

Remember, you can stay safe AND stylish at the same time with just a little creativity! Snag these mood boosters for yourself and as a conversation starter as you brighten up their day with your fashion finesse.

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