The concept of superfoods has taken over the Health and Beauty industries in the past few years. We’ve heard so much about the benefits of green tea, chia seeds, and goji berries, but not as much about those of another scarlet superfood – the humble pomegranate.

Why Pomegranate?


Consumed raw or used as an ingredient in skin care and hair care products, pomegranate is known to have amazing rejuvenating effects.

Pomegranate benefits for skin include deep hydration for a natural skin glow, wrinkle and fine line reduction, and antibacterial properties.

That’s why many cosmetics brands are using pomegranate extract in their skin care and hair care lines – and if you want to try any of them, make it Rimon Pomegranate.

What is Rimon Pomegranate?

rimon pomegranate

Rimon Pomegranate is the in-house cosmetics line of the world-famous Rimon Winery. Located in the heart of the Galilee Mountains in Israel, Rimon is a one-of-a-kind winery that produces pomegranate dessert wine, from a unique variety of the fruit grown only in the winery orchards.

After the initial success of the dessert wine, the family behind Rimon Winery started researching pomegranate benefits for the skin, hair, and general health – and that’s how Rimon Pomegranate was born.

Rimon Pomegranate Singapore

Rimon Pomegranate cosmetics are pretty hard to get a hold of in Singapore. Except for a few products on Amazon, their products are only sold on the official website, and a few other Israel-based retailers.

However, now you can purchase Rimon Pomegranate products directly from the Sift & Pick beauty stores in Singapore.

Top 5 Rimon Pomegranate Products Reviewed

#1 Rimon Pomegranate Gold Mask

The Rimon Pomegranate Gold Mask is a hydration powerhouse for your skin. The mask uses pomegranate for skin glow, but it is also enriched with dead sea minerals, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins for an intense rejuvenating effect.

Great for dull and tired skin, as well as sun-damaged skin.

#2 Rimon Pomegranate Seed Oil

If you’re just looking to try one product from the brand, go for the Rimon Pomegranate Seed Oil. Essentially the base ingredient for all of their skin and hair care products, this oil is obtained by crushing the pomegranate seeds of fresh fruits from the Rimon orchards.

It doesn’t get more natural than that! Pomegranate oil benefits are not limited to skincare – this oil also helps reduce cholesterol, lower the risk of heart disease, and fight arthritis.

#3 Rimon Pomegranate Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Rimon has an entire line of creams, including a day and night set, as well as under-eye cream. However, their Anti-Wrinkle Cream trumps them all – the anti-aging effect is noticeable after only a couple uses.

With pomegranate and wild yam extracts as the base ingredients, the cream reduces the signs of aging, and keeps the wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

#4 Rimon Pomegranate Hair Mask

Dry hair, split ends, sun damage? Forget about that with the Rimon Pomegranate Hair Mask!

The mask uses a combination of jojoba oil and pomegranate for hair that looks like it’s fresh out of the salon. It helps restore the vitality and healthy looking aspect of the hair, without leaving it feeling oily or heavy.

#5 Rimon Intensive Serum

Great as a base for your makeup, the Rimon Intensive Serum smoothens the skin for that perfect airbrushed look.

However, it also acts as a barrier between the skin and the makeup, protecting it against all the chemicals in makeup products, and keeping it healthy, supple, and hydrated all throughout the day.

Ingredients include pomegranate and wild yam extracts, tetra peptides, and soybean protein.


Rimon Winery cosmetics are excellent if you want to experience the power of a true superfood through your skin and hair.

However, don’t forget to incorporate pomegranates in your diet as well – you’ll be surprised at the effects it has on your health as well!

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