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What if we say that you are just olive oil away from flaunting a younger and youthful skin?

No, this kitchen staple is not just limited to be used as your favourite salad dressing; it has got a ton of amazing beauty benefits as well which will leave your skin supple, well-moisturised and loads younger.

This pretty much explains why beauty experts recommend olive oil for beautiful skin.

Use of Olive Oil for Beautiful Skin

1. As a lip scrub

If you have always wanted to flaunt red and sumptuous lips, olive oil might do just the trick.

Simply mix a few granules of sugar with a teaspoon of olive oil. Add a few drops of lemon juice and scrub your lips with the mixture. What’s more, you can even use this mix to scrub your entire body!

A handy alternative is the Olea Essence’s Therapeutic Lip Balm that is moisturising and nourishing for your lips. Once applied, it soothes symptoms like dry lips, frost bites and heat damages. It also revitalises and maintains the lip contour while softening your lips.

2. Eye-makeup remover

Removing your eye make-up has always been a tough task. If you are thinking that removing makeup with olive oil sounds bizarre, you are about to get very wrong. Olive oil is in fact, a really effective solution in diluting other oil-based products away from your skin.

Simply use olive oil as a pre-cleanser, and follow it with lukewarm water and a pH-balanced face wash!

To combat oily skin, try Olea Essence’s Facial Wash for Oily Skin! Packed with the goodness of olive leaf extract, it helps to cleanse and dissolve blackheads. With natural antioxidants found in olive oil, your face will look fresh and smooth in no time. 

3. Shaving cream

Out of shaving cream and don’t have any other alternatives? You can always spare some olive oil!

No, we are really not kidding. Olive oil can actually help your razor glide smoothly over your legs and other areas. All the more while keeping you protected from any burns and bumps that may happen.

Suffering from redness or irritation after shaving? Apply Olea Essence’s Luxurious After Shave Gel for Men to soothe and reduce inflammation. Containing 100% natural unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, this formula keeps the skin soft while avoiding the risk of ingrown hairs.

4. Intense moisturizer

Not the best option if you have oily skin, but olive oil can work wonders for those with dry skin. It is natural, and to a great extent, the composition of olive oil resembles that of the sebum of our skin.

Olea Essence’s Luxurious Body Milk Lotion helps to moisturise with natural olive oil, leaving your skin smooth, soft and tight. Simply apply, massage the lotion and allow the richness to absorb.

Looking For the Best Olive Oil?

While there is a great range of olive oil brands and products available in the market, choosing one out of them is a tough task. When it comes to using it for beauty purposes, you would not like to take any chances.

We love that the olive oil skincare range by Olea Essence is organic and very effective in doing what it’s designed for — to protect and nourish your skin.

Our favourite combi: Olive wash and exfoliate for face paired with olive face mask. When used together, you’ll see great results for your skin’s texture noticeably, and make you look all young and glowy.

Shop exclusive range of organic skincare products in Singapore from Olea Essence and provide a new life to your skin!


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