Santa's Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again! You’re cracking your head, trying to figure out what gifts you should get for loved ones… What do you do?

No worries, let’s find the joy this festive season as the Sift & Pick curators put on their elf hats for the perfect presents that are sure to delight, all in the following gift guide.

Holiday Warmth

Get that warm, holiday glow through the soft radiance of candle lights! Besides looking good and setting the mood, candles immediately provide the right seasonal ambiance; reminiscent of a fireplace – a common constant in Christmas films!

Let’s start off with the mesmerising Candly – their candles are inspired by the pristine, fine snow in northern Hokkaido that is akin to diamond dust. Such is the Diamond Dust gummy candle – a gem-like candle that burns cleanly in wonder.

All their candles are made with a unique oil that has cleared the Japanese Food Additives and FDA standards. Marvel at its beauty while it invokes feelings of cosiness.

Feeling cheeky? Get your friend the amusing Cookie Tin Candles from Japanese candle makers, howarito.candle, featuring 14 fragrance-free candles that look good enough to eat! This gift will definitely be talked about in years to come, over much giggles.

Squeaky Clean & Smelling Fresh

Nothing beats handmade soap bars, especially right now! Natural ingredients that smell great and help keep nasty germs at bay, soap bars are quintessential to every household. Make your loved one’s shower time extra special with a handmade, artisanal soap bar.

Thai brand Something in the backyard has that perfect soap bar for that quirky friend with its groovy patterned Organic Soap in Indigo Layers. Mesmerising blue hued swirls in a block, made with natural and organic Thai herbs that give it its colour – give this bar a whirl!

Want a more festive option? Try Just Dont Eat Club’s handmade cold pressed XMas Soap Bar Collection! Comes with a Santa Soap Bar in Choc Oat Milk scent, and a Merry X’mas Soap Bar with a green tea scent – all using natural ingredients. Definitely a delightful stocking stuffer that is sure to invoke past, present and future Christmas memories!

Wax Sachets

For a smoke-free alternative to a candle, consider wax sachets – aromatic wax pieces that can be strategically placed to emit scents naturally. Great for storing in wardrobes, bathrooms or your room.

Handmade with natural materials, Salon de Briller’s Botanical Aroma Wax Sachet B – Stand Type is a sure hit with the ladies. These wax sachets feature dried, preserved flowers to maximise the pleasant floral scents – perfect as a decorative centerpiece.

Fancy a scent with a zing? Try Japanese AMALIA studio’s Aroma Wax Sachets in Gingerverbena. These medallion type wax sachets may look like artisanal cookies, but they pack a fragrant punch – both on the smell and design scale. Place them in your closet to ensure your clothes keep smelling fresh!

Like what you see? Boost your mood with even more selections of candles, soaps and wax sachets here!

Fashion in the New Norm - Masks & Accessories

Face masks are no doubt essential now, but no need to be boring about them! Take your pick from our wide range, and wear your personality out loud with these face adornments! Don’t forget to accessorise for the new norm too – here are a couple of face mask straps and cases for your convenience, on the go. Browse more options here!

Embrace your femininity with a floral patterned, Korean Ultra Lightweight Mask in Green Bloom by PYON. Cool, comfortable with an inner slip for disposable filters, for extra breath-ability! Pair it with the Korean Face Mask Strap in Dainty Pearl for that extra luxe touch.

Another option to consider is COLORFUL CANDY STYLE’s Antibacterial Gauze Mask in La France. On top of the adorable pear prints, the material used contains silver ions that suppresses the growth of bacteria. Use an Antibacterial Mask Case with a Kira Kira Ribbon print to sweetly and hygienically store your mask away when not in use!

Take it Outdoors!

Have a loved one who’s always on to go? Surprise them this Christmas by getting a stylish and useful present that gels nicely with their lifestyle!

Don’t you just hate it when your outfit doesn’t have pockets, or they aren’t deep enough to put your mobile in securely? With KNOK’s Crossbody Case for Iphone, you’ll have your phone strapped to you at all times, conveniently and stylishly.

A sturdy backpack is always a great gift for the go-getter. Consider Japanese FREDRIK PACKERS420D SNUG PACK in charcoal – roomy, functional and hardy, it is a perfect lightweight backpack that’s pleasing to the eye and user!

It’s Something in the Air

Envelop yourself in our selection of good scents as we march towards the end of the year, to refresh your mind, body and soul. It’s easy to set the mood and ambiance with fragrances, specifically designed to scintillate your senses.

Relax as the scent of Aloeswood, Cherry Blossom and Sandalwood wafts gently around you through the Kayarugi Incense & Mini Ceramic Holder Set from Japanese specialty shop Goodsania. Seek solace in the deep, rich aromas of the incense, which are specially produced with traditional Japanese techniques, ensuring less smoke when burning.

Prefer a more subtle fragrance? To Be Calm’s Traveler’s Journey Reed Diffuser is the brand’s best seller with its fresh and clean notes of Ginger, Lemon, Pepper and White Tea. Uplift any room with this reed diffuser – definitely a welcomed treat for any household!

Home is Where the Heart is

Get a gift that’s out of the ordinary and purchase a piece of art! Yes, we believe unique decor gifts will provide a constant reminder of you, within homes and hearts of your dear ones.

Thai artist and designer Patipat Chaiwitesh is often inspired by the Thai Northern Tribes’ textile patterns; this is evident in his limited art pieces for FABRITT, such as the Nord No.2 – a framed digital UV print on vinyl wallpaper featuring a colourful textile pattern.

Created by Korean designer brand Mood Sunset, these Drawing Tapestries feature whimsical line art on quality material to accentuate negative spaces on walls. Aptly sized for apartment rooms, these tapestries are indeed an instagram-worthy addition to any room’s decor.

Beauty Gift Sets

Still unsure of your friend’s preferences and would like a crowd-pleasing item to present instead? Have no fear, that’s what gift sets are for during this crucial gift-giving season! Instead of generic, off-the-shelves gift sets, try your hand with our specially curated sets to spark the buzz of excitement.

Hailing all the way from the United Kingdom, Lovegrove Essentials is a luxury skincare brand which creates natural and organic products using high quality and ethically sourced ingredients. Set hearts aflutter with the Winter 2020 Lotion Duo set – two blends of certified organic lotion for on-the-go hydration!

Lather up your loved ones with a unique bath gift set that everyone will love! LA brand Spongellé‘s Bulgarian Rose Boxed Gift Set features a fragrant Boxed Flower (body wash infused shower buffer), an adorable Spongetté (body wash sponge) and body lotion.

Enjoy a relaxing bath that cleanses, exfoliates and invigorates senses with Spongellé!

Timeless Classics

Want a gift that never fails, time after time? How about a wrist staple – the watch?To remind your loved one of times spent together, and to cherish each moment. Definitely a timely gift indeed.

Practicality and art can be found in the Konairo Suishou Watch, made by Japanese brand HANAMOKKO. The dial of the watch is made from the Japanese traditional washi paper, coated with a high quality pigment called IWAENOGU – a pigment that is made from crystal, and used in traditional paintings.

The minimalist ADEXE Hanover watch is sure to evoke approvals from even the most stoic of friends. Made of hand-polished stainless steel, the muted rose gold piece features a handmade mesh band, and is versatile enough to complement any outfit.

Shopping list still long to go? Check out the ultimate list of end-of-year essentials here with promo codes up for grabs till 16 Dec to perk up your holiday spirits and brighten up your loved one’s day too! This season, trust our curators’ impeccable tastes as we sift, and you pick.

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