Songkran is Thai’s New Year Day Festival, observed by pouring water on Buddha images, as well as other bathing and purifying rituals. Worldwide, it’s more famously known as a time when the citizenry take to the streets to splash each other with water!

Whether or not you attend the official water-splashing fun at Bangkok Songkran Splendours Festival from April 13 to 15, now is the perfect time to feature Thai brand MookV and the delightful, unique bag designs that make their products recognisable at a glance.


The art of weaving has slowly experienced a rebirth in popularity over the last couple of years. We think it has to do with a hankering for a slower, bygone era: a time when every piece of fabric was made with careful attention to each stitch sewn, every strand woven.

These elements are beautifully visible in MookV’s colourful clutch bag collection, featuring weaving techniques that elevates the humble, hand-held purse into a work of art.

The mastermind behind it all? Artist-designer Ploenchan “Mook” Vinyaratn who gets her inspiration from the colours, textures, and tribal patterns she encounters through her travels around the world.

Celebrate Songkran in your own way this year with Thai brand MookV’s handwoven clutch bag or a handmade sling bag, a visual celebration of harmony between Thai traditional aesthetic and modern fashion.

Amina Orange Sling

What’s a necessity for a girl on the go? A hands-free bag experience. With a kilim strap, this MookV round crossbody bag is up to the task with its water-repellent handwoven fabric.

Your belongings will be safe as you weave in and out of the merry-makers during Songkran.

Ismitta Clutch

A handmade clutch bag with a mountain-pattern to match the meaning of Ismitta: “daughter of the mountain.”

This one is for all the women who have mountains to climb, but who aren’t gonna let anything get in their way.

A beautiful reminder that we get to take with us, where ever the day turns.

Kamaria Crossbody Clutch Bag

This 100 percent handwoven crossbody bag in black and white creates a striking impression that eyes will be drawn to at first glance.

Black and white patterns create a striking piece that will be a great addition to any bag collection.

Rasika Green Clutch

When you want a stunning designer clutch bag to offset a more casual outfit, this creation has all the components of a winner: Big colours + unique materials in handwoven reed, pompoms, tassels, and raffia fringe, lined with sarong fabric.

The summery vibes of this bag pair well with the upcoming holiday.

Watch how the each MookV bag are woven from scratch by weavers: 


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